Queer and Trans July Workshop

A local group called QT ATAC (Queer and Trans folks Acting Together Against Capitalism) is organizing a month of events this July.


QT ATAC (Queer + Transfolk Acting Together Against Capitalism) is a collective in Washington DC organizing to make July the best month ever. Throughout the month, there will be an event every day celebrating our identities, our communities, and our resistance to oppression – while hopefully helping to build all of those things even more! To this glorious end, we will be providing the space for music, workshops, film screenings, discussions, dance parties, picnics, bike rides, critical conversations and more, all focused around what it means to be queer and/or trans.

All events are free, though we will be accepting donations each night to benefit a variety of local causes. Some nights are designated to benefit specific projects, the rest will be divided evenly at the end of the month.

There will be something going on every day of the month, ranging from potlucks and board game nights to workshops on mental health, gentrification and reproductive justice. For a calendar and details, check our their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/queertransjuly.

On July 6th, there will be a workshop sponsored by the DC Prisoner Correspondence Project on supporting trans and queer people who are incarcerated. It will take place at 6pm at the Cleveland Park Library (3310 Connecticut Ave NW). Below is the description from QT ATAC:

Estimates show that up to one in three trans women have been or are incarcerated. Why? How do race, class, age and other oppressions intersect with trans and queer communities? How can we work in solidarity with prisoners against sexual assault, violence, medical neglect and isolation? What is prison abolition, and why is it relevant to the struggle for free gender expression? How is our struggle linked to the criminalization of sex work, poverty, migration and drugs? How can we build alliances for social and economic justice?


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