Take Action to Defeat OHR’s Attack on Our Rights

When we first learned about the Office of Human Right’s proposed attack on our rights under the Human Rights Code, we sent an action alert right away with some action steps. NOW, we’re asking you to take an important action to make sure all f your voices are heard and we fight back this attempt to roll back the protections we’ve won in DC.

Take action! SIGN the petition by clicking the link below, and SEND it to all of your friends!


It’s critical that we get your testimony and stories in this petition. The ONLY comments the Office of Human Rights will accept are ones that are printed and mailed or delivered to them. The DC Trans Coalition will print your responses to the petition and make sure the Office of Human Rights gets a copy before their deadline, Friday, August 8th.

Sign the petition today, even if you’ve sent an email to the Office of Human Rights already:


If you want to take even more action, come to the next DC Trans Coalition meeting this Tuesday, July 29th from 7:20-9pm to find out how you can get involved.

Together, we can defeat this attack on our rights and support the campaign to correct the Department of Corrections.


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