Big news on the Dept. of Corrections Campaign!

On February 20, 2009 we received notice from Attorney General Peter Nickles that the DC Department of Corrections had issued a policy on Gender Classification and Housing (click here to read the policy). DCTC members sprung into action, creating a line-by-line analysis of the differences between our demands and the final document, and writing a letter to all members of the DC City Council with our perspective on the new policy.

The good news is that it’s one of the most progressive corrections policies in the country. DCTC member and Just Detentions International policy associate Darby Hickey sums it up very well in this MetroWeekly article about the news

The bad news is that the bar for good Corrections policy on gender and housing is pretty low, and this policy is a far cry from our initial list of demands. An excellent overview of the policy and our cause for pause is in this article in the CityPaper.

Nonetheless, it is a good start. And as Darby concludes in in the MetroWeekly article, we will need to focus on making sure what gains are made on paper are made in practice.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Community Forum — all about the new policy, the MPD policy, and putting paper into practice!

Old news articles about the campaign: 1. 2. 3. 4.


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