Seeking Summer Intern

The DC Trans Coalition is a local grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for transgender, transsexual and gender diverse people within the District of Columbia. DCTC works with community advocates, other LGBT organizations, District agencies, and local politicians to enact and enforce policies responsive to the needs of the trans community. We are seeking an undergraduate intern in order to coordinate our various enforcement programs. Responsibilities will include coordinating our Bathroom Project, frequent interaction with the DC Office of Human Rights, establishing a training program for our enforcement activities, coordination with other LGBT organizations, assistance with our website, and helping with membership and meeting organization.

This is an unpaid position, however we are willing to work with college/university advisors and administration to help you get appropriate course credit for your work. You will be able to work from home, and the work load will be flexible (10-20 hours per week) so that you can maintain other employment. Bilingual (Spanish/English) strongly preferred. This is a great opportunity if you’d like to work on LGBT advocacy and local grassroots organizing in the District of Columbia. Contact us if you’re interested:


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