Urgent! please SIGN A PETITION to save vital social services

As we mentioned last week, the DC Council is considering massively cutting funding to all kinds of social services in the District. Marginalized communities, such as trans and gender nonconforming people, are always the first to be hit hardest when social services are cut. Specifically, Transgender Health Empowerment, who provide crucial programs like transitional housing for LGBTQ youth,  is facing a $90,000 cut in grant money.

The Council is currently discussing the budget and will vote on Friday. DCTC is standing with advocacy groups, community organizations, labor, faith communities and people across the District in urging the Council to prioritize supporting low income communities. Please take a minute to sign this petition (http://saveoursafetynet.com/) to let them know that these cuts are not only bad for our economy in the long run, but would devastate already at-risk communities like trans/GNC people.

Thanks to the National Youth Advocacy Coalition, you can also sign on to the letter we sent to the DC Council specifically asking them to restore THE’s funding. Click here to sign!

Help us protect social services for the trans/GNC community and all low- income people in DC!

Learn more about DC’s budget crisis: http://www.coalitionforcommunityinvestment.com/


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