New Know Your Rights Booklets Released

After a lot of work, we finally have finished the latest version of our Know Your Rights pamphlets! These include updates on the latest policies we have won at the DC jails, police, public schools and homeless shelters, as well as a more thorough list of local resources and more details on how to file a complaint.

There are two versions – one with the full text of the human rights regulations, and a shorter one that just has our explanation of the law. Please, print these off and distribute them! You can also obtain copies directly from us.

Click here for the KYR booklet WITH full-text regs

Click here for the KYR booklet WITHOUT full-text regs

We have also been increasing the number of KYR workshops we’ve been giving to various LGB,  trans and gender nonconforming communities. So far, we’ve presented our newest workshops at HIPS, SMYAL and GLSEN. (That’s a lot of acronyms!) Let us know if you’re interested in bringing us to hang out with your group!

Las traducciones de nuestras libros “Personas Transgénero y Transexual: ¡Tiene derechos!” vienen pronto.


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