City Council Hearing on Hate Crimes and Police Responses

Tomorrow, the DC City Council Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary is holding an oversight hearing regarding Hate Crimes and Police Responses. DCTC members will be present and have already submitted our written testimony. In it, DCTC urges the Council to reconsider current methods for addressing hate violence and to adopt strategies aimed at providing support and services to survivors and their friends, family and communities, and to focus on education-based prevention methods  to stop hate violence from happening. We also address how a number of concerns – such as recent changes in the MPD’s Special Liaison Units, a lack of transparency at the Department of Corrections and massive cuts to social service funding particularly to LGB and trans-specific programs – tie in to how the Council might better address transphobic violence in the District.

You can read our testimony online by clicking here. Here is an excerpt:

While District law includes gender identity-based crimes in its hate crimes provisions, law enforcement officials are not required to receive training in responding to hate crimes laws, and DC offers no restorative justice options when dealing with hate crimes cases. To truly address the matter of anti-trans hate violence, we must also consider strategies to center the needs of helping survivors and implement programs aimed at preventing violence – including violence caused by police – in the first place.

We will be reporting back LIVE from the hearing tomorrow on our Facebook page. You can follow us here:


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