Letter sent to the Metropolitan Police Department

Today, DCTC wrote to Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier with a series of questions regarding implementation of MPD’s general order on interactions with trans people, our ongoing concerns over police training, and MPD’s failure to report on hate crimes based on gender identity and gender expression.

As we’re all aware, MPD officers have often been found completely ignoring the general order, and some have even admitted to us that they didn’t know it exists.  In addition, it has recently come out that MPD training programs on trans issues are inadequate, and that MPD completely ignored its obligation to report hate crimes against trans people for the last three years.  This letter is an important step in keeping MPD accountable to its own policies and DC law.

We will definitely keep you updated on their response, and let you know how you can get involved to hold the police accountable.

Click here to read the letter.


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