Ad-hoc Meeting to Discuss Anti-Trans Attack, 3/19

A few days ago, we learned about an attack on two transgender individuals last weekend. The DC Center has organized an ad-hoc meeting to talk about this terrible incident and ways to address violence in our communities. Some of us will be there and encourage others to join this difficult conversation.

The attack comes not long after the Metropolitan Police Department finally released statistics on anti-trans violence in the District. Leading up to this meeting, we encourage you to take a look at our response to this news and, if you missed it the first time, our opinion piece “Unpacking the Numbers: Racism, Poverty and the Response to Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes in D.C.”


More information from the Center: The meeting will take place this Friday, March 19th at 6:30 PM at the DC Center for the LGBT Community, 1810 14th St NW.  Representatives will be on hand from the Latino GLBT History Project, GLOV, and the DC Trans Coalition.

About the Incident

On March 13, 2010 the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) received a call for an assault in the area of 14th & Sheperd St. NW. An investigation revealed that a man armed with a metal pole assaulted two transgendered individuals. The investigation further revealed that the suspect attacked the complainants because of their gender identity.

One of the complainants sustained injuries from the attack and received medical treatment.  he suspect was arrested on scene. The suspect was charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon/Pole (Bias Related). Members of the Gay and Lesbian and Latino Liaison Units were involved in the investigation.


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