Build the Safety Net!

Given the extremely high levels of unemployment and poverty in trans communities around DC, we are among those who will be hit hardest by the loss of important social services like health care and job training programs. Therefore, DCTC endorses this creative action and encourages all of our supporters to come out if they can!

Build The Safety Net!
Wednesday, May 19th 2010
Wilson Building

Join Save Our Safety Net and the Fair Budget Coalition on May 19 at 8:30 AM as we build a human safety net around the Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW).

More than $100 million has been cut from safety net services during the recession, and despite broad support for a more progressive budget, the Council is still considering cuts to programs such as job training, interim disability assistance, health care, rapid housing, and support for grandparent caregivers.

We have 6 Safety Net Superheroes on the Council, supporting progressive tax reform to generate the revenue we need to protect these safety net services. We have just one week before the vote and we need a 7th hero. We need you to help show Council members what a strong safety net looks like.

After our action, we will head inside the Wilson Building to thank our supporters and make sure holdouts come around in time for the vote.


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