Say no to police brutality!

We recently learned of a disturbing incident of police violence in the District. Even though, as far as we know, the woman involved was not trans, it is important that we stand in solidarity firmly against ALL forms of state-sanctioned violence and abuse of power. We know from personal experiences and community testimonials that incidents like this are far too common, and marginalized people like trans women are often the targets. Please join us in signing the petition.

More info from a publicly distributed letter:

I encourage you to sign this petition asking the DC Metro Transit Police to reconsider their decision that one of their officers did not use excessive force at the Chinatown Metro station in mid-September. You can watch the video on the petition website, but I warn you that it is very triggering. Even for viewers who are not survivors of sexual violence, watching this video may be very upsetting, so please be advised.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, but trust my description of the incident, here it is: [EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING] The woman was allegedly drunk and creating a disruption, so the officer told her to leave. She was walking away from him, and he followed her. He grabbed her, pulled her around toward him, and then seemed to trip her. She fell face down on the floor, and the officer “fell” on top of her. He then proceeded to fully lie on top of her, as her skirt was pushed above her waist, for approximately three minutes while he allegedly was reaching for his handcuffs to arrest her. His rationale for shoving his body, and genital area, onto the exposed buttocks of the woman is evidenced by his continual bellowing of, “Stop resisting!” The woman frequently screamed, “I’m not resisting! I’m not resisting!” The woman attempted, several times, to pull down her skirt; the officer prevented her from rearranging her skirt. There were multiple witnesses of the incident, many of whom tried to reason with the officer that the woman was not resisting and that he should immediately get off of her. When one man tried to step forward to reason with the officer, the officer threatened him with arrest.

In the official response from the DC Metro Transit Police, they state that according to their investigation, “It was determined that the officer acted lawfully and complied with departmental policies and procedures.”

I suspect that you might agree with me that this is a pretty disgusting abuse of power, and act of sexual victimization. Please share with folks who would be interested in learning about the DC Metro Transit Police’s approved “policies and procedures” when it comes to dealing with intoxicated women.


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