Help us make the next DC Trans Needs Assessment happen.

As we head into a busy week of events, we’d like to remind all of our friends and supporters that the hard work of creating trans justice does not end once Trans Awareness Week and the Trans Day of Remembrance are over. For us at DCTC, it means getting back down to work on some huge, exciting projects like our Needs Assessment.

Along with local allies, we are launching the first trans-specific research project in over a decade. The information we obtain will help us identify and understand barriers to justice in our lives. It will also be a way to ensure that the voices of all DC’s diverse trans communities are able to influence decision-making, whether here at DCTC or over at the Wilson Building.

“Phase One” will consist of a series of ten round table meetings, and we’re really hoping that you will join us — as a volunteer, a participant, or both. (Note: participation is limited to trans and gender non-conforming people who live in the District only.) Be sure to read more about the project by clicking this link.

As a reminder, we are an all-volunteer, entirely member-support organization, and that means we are in desperate need of time and money commitments to make sure this project comes to fruition. If your organization would like to endorse the needs assessment or help us with raise funds to support the work, please write to us at


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