Updates on Recent Police Violence Involving Trans Women

A D.C. Superior Court judge granted a postponement in the hearing of Kenneth Furr, the off-duty MPD officer charged in last week’s nonlethal shooting of at least two trans women and one male friend. Furr was ordered back to jail until Friday, when the court will decide whether Furr should remain there while he awaits trial. MPD has already revoked his police powers pending an internal investigation.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged indicating that Furr may have solicited sex from one of the trans women earlier. Witnesses say he became enraged when he was turned down, eventually opening fire on a car containing three trans women and two male friends while verbally threatening to kill them. Raising potential concerns of unfair leniency, Furr has only been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon — not attempted murder.

Also of concern are new allegations about how the on-duty MPD officers responded at the scene. Based on reports from community members who have spoken with the women attacked by Furr, they were handcuffed by police and  “treated like criminals instead of victims.” We are still gathering information, and will continue to support the survivors of this crime and to demand transparency and accountability from MPD!

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