On-going Updates On Recent Violence, Including More Attacks

  • Violence against trans women in D.C. is continuing to gain widespread media attention. For example, NPR currently has a national story featuring interviews with DCTC members and allies: Violent Attacks on Transgender People Raise Alarm. It’s unfortunately worth mentioning that there have been even more violent incidents targeting trans women that are not recorded in this article.
  • We were recently notified by MPD that a trans woman was stabbed in the abdomen on Sept. 26th by two male suspects. The suspects also verbally assaulted the survivor and her friends with homophobic/transphobic language before the attack. The incident occurred on the 700 block of North Capitol Street. Thankfully, the victim’s injuries were non-life threatening and responding police officers were able to arrest both suspects. They are being charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Bias Related.
  • Today, Darryl Willard Jr., who shot a trans woman in the neck on Sept. 12 on Savannah Street SE, accepted the plea bargain to one count of Aggravated Assault While Armed, which carries a 5 year mandatory minimum and a maximum of 30 or 40 years. It is not being prosecuted as a hate crime. Willard was previously charged with Assault With Intent to Kill While Armed. A sentencing hearing was set for December 6, 2011 at 9:30AM.  DCTC will have an opportunity to submit a Community Impact Statement. In the meantime, we continue to ensure that the survivor’s identity is respected by the court.
  • Last Sunday, about 200 showed up at Dupont Circle for a vigil commemorating Gigi Gopalan, who was murdered in Columbia Heights on Sept. 10th.

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