Trans People Say: End Economic Inequality, Solidarity with the 99%!

The DC Trans Coalition has decided to formally endorse and offer our support to the OccupyDC movement. We also encourage all of our members to attend today’s protest gathering at 4pm at Freedom Plaza and marching to the International Monetary Fund.

The Occupy Together movement started in New York City as Occupy Wall Street, which began on September 17th. The protests have grown progressively larger as increasing numbers take to the streets in nonviolent opposition to a society in which 1% of the population controls a quarter of all income. Inspired by this model, similar occupations are occurring in dozens of cities across the country, some being attended by tens of thousands. The demonstrators have highlighted that the current economic crisis is caused by corporate greed, and demand jobs and resources for oppressed people. In DC, Occupy K Street protestors have been in McPherson Square for several weeks.

As a whole, socially-marginalized communities (such as low-income trans people and trans people of color) suffer the most directly from poverty and are the most likely to be impacted by inequalities that arise from economic injustice. The DC Trans Coalition’s major priorities — as decided upon by our grassroots base through community forums and consultations — are creating inclusive, accessible jobs and services for all marginalized people in the District. We thus stand in solidarity with the grassroots Occupy Together movements.

Additionally, we especially encourage everyone who is able to attend the march that will take place today shortly after 4:00pm, leaving from Freedom Plaza, through McPherson Square, and ending at the International Monetary Fund. Today’s march was started by a group of women, queer people, and people of color in order to highlight the connection between multiple forms of oppression, both at home and globally. For this reason, DCTC especially wishes to express our full support for this action. It is critical that we recognize the links between our oppression and the oppression of others, and that we all work together to end inequality.

See you in the streets! For more information on OccupyDC and today’s march, see below.


Shortly after 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon, we will leave Freedom Plaza and march through McPherson Square, ending at the International Monetary Fund.

This is a solidarity march with the global 99%. This march comes amidst several days of diverse actions from OccupyDC and in solidarity with other grassroots pro-democracy and liberation movements both nationally and internationally.

The warnings of the anti-globalization movement have come true: gross concentrations of wealth in the hands of a few, growing poverty and desperation worldwide that is visibly reaching us now in the United States of America. Before middle-class people in the U.S. were feeling the impact, the same multinational corporations, banks, and policies were exploiting people and resources in countries all over the world. This march to the IMF draws a connection between the pro-democracy Occupy Wall Street movement and anti-globalization and anti-imperialism movements. We have a common enemy: the 1%, the super-rich who control the vast majority of global wealth, and who profit at the expense of our communities, indigenous communities, and communities worldwide.


This event was organized by women, queers, and people of color. This march is dedicated to connecting oppressions. ALL people are welcome–women, LGBTQQI folks, people of color, disabled folks, immigrants, indigenous people (for whom “occupied land” means something very different) and all marginalized people. The 1% is largely dominated by wealthy, straight white men who profit at our expense and we need to organize across all boundaries. The ways in which we are oppressed are intrinsically linked, and we are strongest when we come together.

This march is now also an official action of Occupy DC (K Street).

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