Trans Needs Assessment Survey

The DC Trans Coalition, along with allied organizations, is excited to announce the launch of the Washington, DC Trans Needs Assessment survey, the first of its kind in over a decade!  The distribution of this survey is the second phase of our larger DC Trans Needs Assessment project, documenting and discussing the needs of transgender, transsexual and other gender non-conforming populations living in the DC metropolitan area.

Take the survey in English here or in Spanish here.

As some background, the primary goals for this project are to explore and document the many issues facing members of largely underserved and unrepresented trans communities, including:

  • General health and access to medical, mental and trans-sensitive health care;
  • Employment, underemployment and unemployment;
  • Housing and homelessness;
  • Interactions with police and the prisons;
  • Access to education, including violence in schools; and
  • Immigration and documentation status.

Moreover, as we are invested in community-informed research and design, the questions used in this survey were produced through a collaboration of established researchers and trans community members.  This collaboration first took shape during community roundtables in Phase One of our project, which led to focused bi-monthly meetings to discuss and determine the language and content to be used in the final survey.  In order to reach the diversity of trans communities in DC, this survey will be available in two mediums: 1) online and 2) in paper form, both of which are available in Spanish and English.

Finally, unlike many large research projects, most of the organizers or “Principal Investigators” of this project are unpaid volunteersAll raised funds will go directly to community members taking the survey through modest honorariums.  Additionally, in order to maximize the survey reach and positive community impact, we are training and hiring trans community members to distribute paper surveys to their communities, friends and networks. 

Why We Need Your Help!

Our goal is to survey no fewer than 500 trans community members in DC.  We need your help to make this as successful as possible!

You can help promote the DC Trans Needs Assessment in the following ways!  

  1. Provide a link to the DC Trans Needs Assessment Survey on your website and in your outreach materials and emails! 
    1. The English survey can be found here:
    2. The Spanish survey can be found here:
  1. Share the links above through your member and contact lists
  2. Provide paper copies of the survey in your offices or in outreach materials (Please contact DCTransNeeds[at]gmail[dot]com to arrange to receive a paper copy of the survey)
  3. Make available information about the survey in your office (we can provide you with “palm cards,” posters and other materials to display) 
  4. Donate and join the coalition of support that includes DC Council members, national community groups and your neighbors! Support the costs associated with taking the survey, as well as of training and hiring trans community members to distribute this survey! Plus, all of your donations are tax deductible!  Donations can be made via PayPal.
  5. Help us identify Survey Distributers! Survey Distributers work to make the survey accessible to those who may not have access to the online survey or may need assistance with written language. Survey Distributers will receive all necessary training and will receive compensation for each survey they are able to give and complete.

We need your help to make this survey successful!


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