Action Alert: Support Trans Health and Services in DC’s Budget

Our friends Andy Bowen and Nico Quintana with the DC Trans Economic Justice Campaign are asking for your support advancing two key DC budget proposals that will benefit trans people.

DC Council Members are voting on the annual Budget Request Act on Wednesday, May 22. There are two items in the budget that need your support TODAY to help fight for trans justice.   

DC’s Health Care Exchange 
Tell your council member to support the DC Health Care Exchange funding in the Budget Request Act.  Why- the DC Health Exchange has trans inclusive care language in it. Powerful forces have gathered to defeat DC’s health care exchange. If those folks are successful, we’ll lose local control over our health exchange, which means we could lose our battle to make sure Health Exchange-provided plans do not have trans exclusions. 

One City Fund
Tell your council member to support the proposed One City Fund. Why?  The fund will provide grant opportunities for direct service and anti-poverty organizations, some of which have trans clients.  The fund would start with an initial $15 million.

Today! Call or email Council members and say: “I am a DC resident, and I want you to continue funding the DC Health Care Exchange and the One City Fund in the Budget Request Act as is. Local control over the Health Care Exchange is vital to making sure the Exchange meets community needs, such as those of the transgender community, who need to ensure that the Exchange plans do not exclude transgender people from treatment. The One City Fund will support and expand vital services for transgender DC residents. Thank you for your time.”

DC Council members’ contact info:

The Honorable Phil Mendelson,  (202) 724-8032
The Honorable David Catania, (202) 724-7772
The Honorable Vincent Orange, (202) 724-8174
The Honorable David Grosso, (202) 724-8105
The Honorable Anita Bonds, (202) 724-8064
The Honorable Jim Graham, (202) 724-8181
The Honorable Jack Evans,  (202) 724-8058
The Honorable Mary Cheh, (202) 724-8062
The Honorable Muriel Bowser, (202) 724-8052
The Honorable Kenyan McDuffie, (202) 724-8028
The Honorable Tommy Wells, (202) 724-8072
The Honorable Yvette Alexander,  (202) 724-8068
The Honorable Marion Barry,  (202) 724-8045


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