Trans Art and Writing Collective

In an effort to create more spaces and contexts for trans folks to share their voices and create art, we have created a new campaign focused on getting trans voices heard and expressed! If you are into writing, thinking, drawing or would like to learn, we now have the space and time committed to it! All levels of experience welcome!!

We have two elements to this campaign:

1)    Trans Art Collective (open to TLGBQ folks) 

Attention to all art fiends: Come be a part of a newly burgeoning TLGBQ art collective. This is an endeavor to create a safe space for trans/gender-non conforming individuals to explore various methods and mediums of expression. As art is expansive, we see this project as not limited to the world of visual arts, but embracing all forms of expression: performance, movement, music, etc.  Ultimately this vision is being put in motion to have a community that encourages each other in their respective practices/interests, to offer support to an active group of open-minded and accepting individuals, and to bring awareness to the unknowing of the important issues that the transgender population deals with on the daily.As interest garners and solidifies, there are obvious possibilities of holding events, art shows  fundraisers, group projects, workshops, etc. This will be as much as we make it out to be, and I personally feel that this has a TON of potential! Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Please email: Jady Dyer at

2)    Trans Voices Heard! Trans Writing/Blogging Column

As an expansion on our current website, we will now be hosting a guest blog/writing page for local and not-so-local trans folks! Whether you are into keeping up on current events or have something you’d like to write about, this is for you! We welcome all submissions, any languages (¡español, en particular!), any topics (poems, your favorite recipe, theoretical musings, rants and jokes), and any time!

Please email us at  

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