If You Have Faced Discrimination

If you’ve experienced discrimination or unfair treatment in D.C. from an employer, landlord, business, any city agency (such as the police or fire department), or in any public accommodation (such as a school, the D.C. jail or a homeless shelter), please contact us so we can help you file a complaint in the appropriate place.

In order to help you obtain justice, it is important to record as much as possible. Some helpful details include:

  • The offender’s name and physical description.
  • Badge numbers (if police are involved).
  • The date, time, and location of the incident.
  • A detailed description of what happened.
  • Any physical evidence, including written documents or e-mails.

If you’ve experienced discrimination…

because of your gender identity or expression in DC, from an employer or landlord, or in any public accommodation (such as a school, the DC jails, or a homeless shelter), we can help you file a complaint in the appropriate place. This is important for two reasons:

1)We want to make sure you see justice!

2)It helps us build a strong case that our community needs protections, helping all of us build a safer DC for trans and gender nonconforming people.

And, help us tell local businesses to LET US PEE!

In the District, we have the right to use the bathroom consistent with our gender identity, regardless of assigned sex. If you’ve been denied access, tell us! Also, all single stale restrooms in any public space, like a restaurant, should be labeled gender neutral (even if it’s next to another bathroom). We’re compiling a list of non-compliant businesses so that we can enforce this regulation. Help us! It’s easy: Whenever you go out, check to see if the bathrooms are labeled appropriately. If not, send the name and address to us!

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