Reports and Research

DC-Specific Research

DC Trans Needs Assessment

Other DC-Based Reports

Regional and National Research

General Needs Assessments and Health Reports

Job Discrimination



  • Investigation of the New Orleans Police Department by the US Department of Justice. In this report, the federal DOJ concludes that NOPD engaged in patterns of misconduct — including substantial attention to the profiling of trans women of color as prostitutes.


Bathroom Safety

  • Toilet Training.  A film and handbook detailing many of the problems that trans and gender nonconforming people face in gender segregated bathrooms, also from SRLP.

Health Care Access

Youth/Juvenile Justice

*A note on language: Some researchers use labels that many of us find inaccurate or even offensive. Terminologies in trans communities also evolve rapidly. DCTC doesn’t necessarily endorse the politics of, or terms used by, all of these reports.

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