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Showing of TransLatina this Thursday at PAHO

In case you missed last month’s screening of the powerful documentary TransLatina, you’ve got another chance this week!  This Thursday at 6:00pm, thanks to our friends at Latin@s en Acción.  Event details are below, or you can check out the event page on Facebook.  For more information, contact Ruby Corado at (202) 506-0894.

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Trans-Latin@ Coalition Urges DOJ to Address Anti-Trans Violence in Puerto Rico

The DC Trans Coalition is a signatory to the Trans-Latin@ Coalition’s letter to the US Department of Justice, below. The letter is a response to the ongoing deaths and human rights violations of trans women in Puerto Rico. The US government has contributed to the culture of anti-trans violence by failing to protect the civil rights of trans people. If any other organizations would like to support this action, please e-mail Bamby Salcedo at bsalcedo@chla.usc.edu.

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TOMORROW! Stand in Solidarity with Honduran Trans and GLB Communities

Tomorrow, there will be a gathering in front of the State Department in DC to condemn the de facto government in Honduras for rampant police abuse, torture and targeted murder of LGBT people in Honduras since they came to power in a military coup d’etat last year.

Of those killed directly by the regime and the police, or due to the transphobia/homophobia fostered by the climate of violence, the vast majority have been trans women – many of whom have been grotesquely disfigured or shot by uniformed government agents. [Note: May be triggering to some people. Also, some of the external links throughout this post contain potentially offensive comments about trans women and possibly some accidental use of incorrect pronouns.] The Honduran de facto government refuses to investigate any of the 17 assassinations that have been documented by human rights observers. Activists have accused the conservative church-backed coup government of encouraging  the murder of trans women and gay men, who are already marginalized and often forced to work the streets, because they are easy targets for violence.

Most recently, a gay peace activist who had released a statement stating “we say it is NOT ACCEPTABLE that in these past 4 months, during such a short period, 9 transexual and gay friends were violently killed” was himself murdered. The United States government has a long history of complicity in injustice in Honduras; join members of the LGBT community here in DC to tell the State Department not to recognize the coup government and to condemn outright the violence targeting LGBT Hondurans.

We must defend the human rights of trans people everywhere and stand in solidarity with trans communities in Honduras!

Date: Wednesday, January 27 2010
Time: 8-9am and 1-2pm rallies; 9am-1pm vigil
Action: Picket and speak out at U.S. State Department
Location: 2201 C Street NW

More info can be found below the cut, copy-and-pasted from the PFLAG blog.

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