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TODAY! Trans Day of Remebrance; FRIDAY! Trans Day of Action

Trans Day of Remembrance

Today is the annual Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR), observed each year on November 20 to honor the memories of those we have lost to violence and oppression. DC’s TDOR service is tonight at 6:00p.m. at the Metropolitan Community Church, located at 474 Ridge Street NW (Metro: Mt. Vernon Square). Doors open at 5:30.

DC Mayor Vince Gray and other city officials, along with members of local victims’ families, will be in attendance. There will be a special recognition of the advocates behind the Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Amendment Act. For more information, contact Earline Budd at 202.388.8251.

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Trans Day of Action

Casa Ruby is hosting this year’s Trans Day of Action (TDOA) is this Friday from 6:00-9:00p.m., at Next Step Public Charter School, located at 3047 15th Street NW (Metro: Columbia Heights).

The event features a community conversation on trans unemployment and homelessness, and the launch of Casa Ruby’s new “Work It” employment program. There will also be a special showcase of the new documentary TRANS. For more information, contact Ruby Corado at corado (at) casaruby.org.

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We hope to see you at both events! 


Trans Awareness Week 2011

This week we’re raising awareness about trans rights, demanding justice for all trans people, and remembering those we’ve lost to anti-trans violence. Here’s how you can take part:

Tuesday, November 15
DCTC will host its bi-monthly meeting at 7:30pm in the Austin Center at Whitman-Walker Health, 14th & R Streets NW. Get updates on our needs assessment project, our work regarding the police and jails, and help us create our upcoming community forum on December 3 (stay tuned for details). Plus much, much more! Anyone who wants to fight for justice is welcome to attend.

Thursday, November 17
We’ve teamed up with TLGB Police Watch and a number of other local organizations for Trans Day of Action. Join us at 1:00pm for a rally in front of Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters, 300 Indiana Avenue NW. We’ll proceed from there to the US Attorney’s Office, at 555 4th Street NW. Check out our goals and demands for the mayor, the police chief, and the US Attorney, and feel free to share details with your friends on Facebook.

Sunday, November 20
Please join us for the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance service, organized by Transgender Health Empowerment, at 5:00pm at the Metropolitan Community Church, 474 Ridge Street NW. We’ve lost at least two members of our community to violence this year, and many more have been injured. Help us to honor their memories.

Letter Sent to DC Council on Anti-Trans Violence, Hearing Next Week

Next Wednesday, November 2, the DC Council’s Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on hate crimes, with an emphasis on looking at violence committed against trans folks this summer. In preparation for the hearing, yesterday we sent a letter to Councilmember Phil Mendelson, chair of the Judiciary committee, with questions we would like to see him ask Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier, and U.S. Attorney Ron Machen. We’ve raised the issues in our letter with both MPD and U.S. Attorney representatives in meetings this summer (and for years, really), and have thus far gotten unsatisfactory answers. Our hope is that by raising our questions in advance, we might actually get something resembling real answers.

We’ll of course be testifying at the hearing next week. If you’ve been a victim of violent crime in DC and are willing to speak publicly about your experience, please feel free to get in touch with us over the weekend to learn how to participate. You can email us or call 202.681.3282. Check back here next Wednesday for a copy of our testimony.

Finally, be sure to save the date for the following super important events:

  • Thursday, November 17, 1pm: Transgender Day of Action — Rally Against Violence. Outside MPD Headquarters, 300 Indiana Avenue NW.
  • Sunday, November 20, 5pm: Transgender Day of Remembrance. Metropolitan Community Church, 474 Ridge Street NW.
Stay tuned for many more details, and be sure to get involved!

Trans Day of Action 2010

The DC Trans Coalition formally endorses this march and calls on our allies and supporters who are able to travel to New York City to join our contingent in the Sixth Annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice!

When: Friday, June 25, 2010 – 3:00pm
To Be Announced (NYC)

On June 25, 2010, Trans and Gender Non Conforming People of Color and allies will take to the streets of NYC once again and demand justice to let the world know, that the rebellion is not over and we will continue fighting for justice, raising our voices until we are heard.  We call on all activist and organizers for justice, both local and organizations around the country and world to endorse this call to action and to build contingents to march in solidarity together.  Below are the points of unity which hold together the purpose of this march.

To endorse Trans Day of Action 2010, send an email to endorsetdoa@alp.org.

See below for Points of Unity and more info about the Day of Action.

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Announcing Our Support for Trans Day of Action

The DC Trans Coalition has officially endorsed and acknowledged support for the 5th Annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice in New York City, organized by Trans Justice of the Audre Lorde Project. A small contingent of us will be headed to NYC to march in solidarity.

More information from Trans Justice:

We call on Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) communities and our allies from many movements to join us for the 5th Annual Trans Day of Action (TDOA) for Social and Economic Justice. As TGNC People of Color (POC) we recognize the importance of working together alongside other movements to build the world we want to see. Much has changed since last year’s TDOA, the election of a new US President has brought hope to many of our communities, however we still live in a time when people of color, immigrants, youth, elders, rural communities, people living with disabilities and poor people are disproportionately underserved, face higher levels of discrimination, heightened surveillance and experience increased violence at the hands of the state. In fact, due to the growing financial crisis conditions have worsened. As a result, it is even more critical that we unite and work together towards ending the transphobia, racism, classism, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia and xenophobia within our movements for justice. We call for an end to the continued single issue platform of gay marriage over TGNC justice by our movements. Let’s come together to let the world know that TGNC justice will not be undermined and together we will not be silenced! These are the points of unity, which hold together the purpose of this march:

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