Your Rights in D.C. Jails

  • Intake. At intake, any inmate identified as transgender will be referred to the Transgender Housing Committee. They will interview the inmate, and based on the interview and a review of the inmate files, the Committee will decide whether to place the inmate in the male or female unit, in general population or protective custody.
  • Safety. Department of Corrections staff are obligated to keep inmates safe from harm and abuse, from other inmates or staff. Transgender inmates are recognized by DOC as potential targets for abuse and should have their safety concerns taken seriously and acted on.
  • Searches. Any transgender inmate who is strip searched will be strip searched in private, not in front of other inmates or unnecessary staff.
  • Respect. Staff must respect all inmates and not harass or discriminate against transgender inmates.
  • Clothing. DOC will issue clothing to inmates according to the unit they are placed in. Medical staff will decide if a transgender woman placed in the male unit will be issued a bra.
  • Hormones. DOC medical staff will continue a transgender inmate on their hormone dosage, consistent with a medical evaluation and consultation with the inmate’s doctor. An inmate who has not been on hormones, or who was not taking hormones from a doctor, can request hormone therapy from medical staff, who will evaluate the inmate and make a decision.

Click here to read the full text of the DOC’s Program Statement 4020.3: Gender Classification and Housing.

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