Needs Assessment

The DC Trans Coalition  and allied organizations are in the midst of a new Washington, DC-area needs assessment study for transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming populations living in the District of Columbia – the first research project of its kind in over a decade.

Many trans folks in DC face particularly great challenges gaining access to employment, basic health care, housing and shelter. Our primary goals for the assessment are to explore and document many issues facing members of the trans community, including:

  • General health and access to medical, mental and trans-sensitive health care
  • Employment, underemployment and unemployment
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Interactions with police and the broader criminal justice system, including in jails
  • Access to education, including violence in schools
  • Immigration and documentation status
  • Youth and elder-specific concerns

Documenting this information shows us what the greatest obstacles and issues facing trans folks are, allowing us to advocate more successfully for change with city officials, policy makers and organizations.

The project consists of a series of community roundtable meetings, a follow-up survey, and a final written report of our findings.  We have now completed the roundtable and survey phase and are currently analyzing the data and writing our final report, so be sure to check out our summary findings from that phase.

We still need both volunteers and support and are currently looking for an intern for our project! Here’s some more information on how YOU can be involved:

Join our  Trans Needs Assessment Working Group!

Interested in community-based research? Our Trans Needs Assessment Working group has spent the past 3 years developing and distributing DC’s first fully inclusive trans needs assessment survey, now the largest in US history for any city! We are now at the final stages of writing our report and could use any help we can get ranging from copy-editing, background research to designing a Zine about the project for final distribution to trans communities in DC! No research experience necessary!

Please email: Elijah Edelman at

Financial Support: With the support of over 30 organizations, including local groups Casa Ruby, HIPS, and the Diverse City Fund and individuals, we have raised almost $20,000 over the past 3 years for this project! All funds have gone directly to folks taking the survey in person, as well as survey distributers of color.

While the most expensive elements of the project have passed, we still require funds to print the final report!! If you can donate quality paper stock, color printing or simply the funds needed to purchase these items please let us know!  All gifts are tax-deductible, with thanks to the sponsorship of our partner organization, the Association for Gender Research, Education, Academia and Action (AGREAA).  Donations (PayPal, check, or cash) can be made online, in person or through snail mail!

Click below to donate. Please note that donations made on this page will exclusively support the needs assessment, and will not be used for any other purpose.

To participate, or get information about supporting and donating, please contact us at 202.681.DCTC, or Dr. Elijah Adiv Edelman at elijah.edelman @ gmail dot com. Se habla español!

Community Partners

Supporting and Endorsing Organizations

See also: Our blog posts about the Needs Assessment.

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