Needs Assessment

The DC Trans Coalition  and allied organizations have completed a new Washington, DC-area needs assessment study for transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming populations living in the District of Columbia – the first research project of its kind in over a decade.

Many trans folks in DC face particularly great challenges gaining access to employment, basic health care, housing and shelter. Our research explores and documents many issues facing members of the trans community, including:

  • General health and access to medical, mental and trans-sensitive health care
  • Employment, underemployment and unemployment
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Interactions with police and the broader criminal justice system, including in jails
  • Access to education, including violence in schools
  • Immigration and documentation status
  • Youth and elder-specific concerns

Documenting this information shows us what the greatest obstacles and issues facing trans folks are, allowing us to advocate more successfully for change with city officials, policy makers and organizations.

The project consisted of a series of community roundtable meetings, a follow-up survey, and a final written report of our findings. 

Research and Results

Community Partners

Supporting and Endorsing Organizations

See also: Our blog posts about the Needs Assessment.

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