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Philly Trans Health Conference

A bunch of DCTC folks are going to be in Philly next month for the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 3rd, 4th and 5th. For those unaware:

The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC) was founded in 2002 by a group of transgender activists, allies, and service providers. Now in its ninth year, PTHC proudly offers a space for transgender people and our allies, families, and providers to come together to re-envision what health means for transgender people.

The focus of this unique conference is promoting transgender health and wellness in mind, body, spirit, and community. PTHC recognizes the interconnections among all aspects of our well-being; including health, safety, education, employment, housing, and social support. Further, PTHC recognizes that accessible and quality healthcare is an integral part of self-determining our bodies and identities in the larger world.

As much as possible, PTHC strives to ensure that the conference addresses the diverse needs of all transgender communities: transgender men, transgender women, gender-queer, and gender-variant people, as well as our partners, families, and allies.  In addition, in an effort to increase the availability of quality, culturally-competent care for transgender communities, PTHC provides a workshop track for medical, mental health, and social service providers.

We are committed to making the conference as inclusive and accessible as possible. Therefore, the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference charges no registration fee.

For more information (including driving directions!) check out their website at trans-health.org. For those able to travel a few hours to Philly, it’s worth the trip! If you aren’t convinced, check out the workshop schedule. DCTC members will be presenting a workshop called “Organizing Trans Communities for Social Justice” at 4:00pm on Friday, June 4th.