Request a Workshop

We’re available to come do trainings on how to take action if you experience discrimination or harassment. We can focus on a number of topics, including how to navigate legal name/gender changes, what to do if you’re arrested or incarcerated and how to file a complaint if you’re denied housing or employment because of your gender identity or expression.

We can tailor the interactive workshops for different groups – for example, in the past we have done workshops for trans women who are sex workers focused on police interactions and others for gender nonconforming youth on school policies.

We also offer trainings for service providers and government agencies. We have trained police officers, staff at shelters for previously incarcerated women, volunteers who do outreach to sex workers and more. (Note: We do not offer “Trans 101” workshops or explanations of the transition process. There are other groups who will do this. We offer trainings about trans people’s legal rights, policy, and best practices for working with trans communities.)

Please remember that we are all volunteers! We do ask for compensation when doing workshops for certain audiences.

If you’d like to have us come talk to your organization, support group, clients or whatever else, please let us know and we’ll keep you updated! E-mail or call 202.681.DCTC (202.681.3282).

You can also read more about your rights in DC on this page.

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